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The Image Center



The Image Center is a 12,000-square-foot commercial medical center in Huntington Beach, a ground-up design by The Farnsworth Group and a collaboration between two surgeons. The space consists of four suites: a Cosmetic Surgery Center, a Private Dental and Orthodontic Surgery Practice, a Physician's Office, and a Day Spa.

From the onset, precision with regard to the materials used and the finish quality was paramount to reflect the surgeons' standard of excellence in their respective fields. Details such as brushed-aluminum lettering on the facade and marble accents throughout the space were utilized as part of this effort.

The Image Center - Lobby
The Image Center - Lobby
The Image Center - Vichy Shower

Our design team emphasized natural light, which unified the two-story lobby with a soft glow and showcased its vast ceilings, but also warmed up smaller spaces such as the Day Spa showers through the use of skylights. 

Our greatest design achievement at The Image Center was the curving and arching facade, which revealed its curvature from every point-of-reference, a nod to the contouring of a human face.

The Image Center - Day Spa



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