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HealthBridge - Exterior



Healthbridge Children's Hospital is a 17,000-square-foot, 24-bed pediatric rehabilitation hospital designed ground-up by The Farnsworth Group. Every detail of this space was tailor-made to the meet the needs of the hospital's patients. Our goal was not simply to design a space that would help them recover, but one that would help them thrive.

Since the children were long-term care patients, we designed the space throughout to have the look and feel of home. Our exterior facade, window selection and landscaping all contributed to this effort, as did our treatment of the patient bedrooms. Each bedroom was given a unique wall treatment that corresponded to the individual child's interests, and their windows all looked out onto green grass and trees.
HealthBridge - Patient Room
HealthBridge - Corridor Skylight
HealthBridge - Dining Room

Our greatest design achievement at Healthbridge Childen's Hospital was the corridor design, which featured a diamond-shaped skylight outside every patient bedroom, and a curved mural which filled the sight-line upon turning the corner.

HealthBridge - Corridor
HealthBridge - Corridor



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